Parks & Amenities

Wickliffe's Seven City Parks

For a city of four square miles, Wickliffe hosts a spectacular seven city parks. Located conveniently around the City, the parks provide activities for residents of all ages. The City has two swimming pools (at Coulby and Jindra Parks) and a Splash Park (Orlando Park). Three of the parks were re-named after residents who perished in service to our country (Featherston, Intihar and Jindra Parks). A listing of all the parks and the amenities they provide are listed below. Pavilions at the various parks may be reserved by residents by calling the Recreation Department or by emailing a permit found online at our City website.

Parks & Amenities in Wickliffe

Swimming Pools & Spray Park

Coulby Family Aquatic Center
28730 Ridge Rd., (440) 944-4014
Swim Season: June 6 - September 4, 2015

Jindra Pool
901 Talmadge Dr., (440) 943-5235
Swim Season: June 6 - August 16, 2015

Orlando Spray Park
30100 Twin Lakes Dr.
Spray park season: June 6 - august 30, 2015

2015 Pavilion Reservations

Pavilion Reservations may be made at the Wickliffe Recreation Dept. during business hours. Bring a current utility bill and driver’s license. Residents may use our pavilions on holidays. The pavilions are on a first come first serve basis.  When reserving the Orlando Pavilion, use of the spray park requires a $50 fee. If you will not use Spray Park, it is free as are all the pavilions in Wickliffe.

New Pavilion at Orlando "Spray Park Shelter"- With the popularity and high usage of the pavilion at Orlando Park, we have increased our capacity for reservations by adding another smaller pavilion in the “Chalk Zone”. This pavilion will be treated like the rest of the city pavilions; it may be reserved separately. $50 Spray Park fee is applicable to this pavilion for group reservations.

Coulby Pond Pavilion
Coulby Pool Pavilion
Jindra Park Pavilion
Levi Lane Pavilion
Orlando Spray Park Pavilion
Orlando Spray Park SHELTER

Swimming Hours at
Coulby Aquatic Center and Jindra Pool

Hours starting Saturday, July 25;
12 Noon to 5 pm & 6 pm to 7:45 pm.
Saturday and Sunday – 12 – 7 pm

Hours starting Wednesday, Aug. 19 – 4 pm – 7 pm;
Saturday and Sunday – 12 – 7 pm

Hours at Orlando Spray Park
Monday through Sunday: 10 am to 7 pm. starting June 6.
Hours subject to change throughout the season

Season Closings
Last day for Jindra Pool is August 16. Doggie Swim Aug. 17.
Last day for Coulby Aquatic Center will be September 4. End of season Luau at Coulby, August 22.
Last day for Orlando Spray Park August 30.
Pools & Spray Park hours subject to change due to attendance.

Adults Only Swim at Jindra Pool
Every day, 5 pm to 6 pm; Sunday Mornings, 12 pm to 1 pm (11 am to 12 pm starting July 26)

Splash Parties

Splash parties 9 pm to 10:45 pm (starting July 25; 8 pm to 9:45 pm). Splash parties do not include the pavilion by the pools.
$250 - Zero depth and pool; $320 - Zero depth, pool, slide; $400 - For zero depth, pool, slide and lazy river.
Requests for splash parties by residents must be done in person, aged 21 and over with $50 deposit.

Pool & Spray Park Pass Registration at Coulby Aquatic Center

Bring your 2014 Photo I.D., Pool Pass or Orlando Spray Park Pass along with a current (within 90 days) utility bill (1st class mail) and it will be updated at the Aquatic Center. Passes only sold at Aquatic Center. If you no longer have your pass, a new one will be issued. If you did not get a pass last year, your photo will be taken and a pass will be issued.
Residents must have a pass to enter the pools or Orlando Spray Park. If resident does not get a pass, they will pay a guest fee each time and be required to show proof of residency each visit. Pool passes are scanned to verify that they are updated and paid for each year. Pool passes have a new sticker attached each year.   

Sale of pool passes, registration for swim lessons and payment for water aerobics done at the Coulby Aquatic Center only.
Starting June 7: 1 pm to 4:30 & 6 pm to 8:30 pm

Birth certificates of children, current utility bill (within 90 days)  and driver’s license will be required to purchase pool pass. Bills include utilities, credit cards, etc. First class mail only.

Individual Season Pass: $70 - Includes Orlando Spray Park.

Family Season Pass: $135 - Includes Orlando Spray Park.
A “residential family” shall include the adult head of household and his/her spouse or partner and the dependent children living in that household who are 20 years of age and under up to 6 members. *Families with more than 6 members must pay an additional $20 per member in family. In the absence of a marriage license, residency of each partner must be established. Proof of residency shall include a current driver’s license and a current (within 90 days) utility bill, as well as birth certificates for each child. Family members 21 & over must get an individual pass and prove residency.  *Grandparents not included with family*
Senior Season Pass: $30 - Includes Orlando Spray Park. Wickliffe Senior 55 & over.

Spray Park Pass:  $30/Individual or $30 for entire family.

Lost Pass: $10 for replacement pass.

Guests of Residents: Guests of Wickliffe residents must accompany resident at all times. Resident is responsible for their guest(s) during their visit. Everyone entering the facility at the Aquatic Center and Jindra Pool must pay a fee. $6 each guest with a resident who has a pass; $6 for residents without a pass; must show proof of residency each visit; $2 each guest 2 & under. Everyone entering the facility at Orlando Spray Park must pay a fee. $3 each guest (regardless of age) with resident who has a pass; $1 for resident without a pass after showing proof of residency each visit.

Youth Swim Lessons at Coulby Aquatic Center
Weekdays. Starting at age 5. Residents Only. Fee: $35 per two-week session plus season pool pass. Session Dates:  Session I: June 15 thru June 26; Session II: June 29 thru July 10, No Class July 4th; Session III: July 13 thru July 24. Session Times: 10 am to 10:45 am –Advanced, Level 4 & up; 11 am to 11:45 am – Beginners, Levels 1, 2, & 3

Wickliffe Water Devils 
Swim team welcomes swimmers in all age groups. Swimmers must have the ability to swim the length of the pool. Competition meets are on Saturday mornings at local pools. Fees: $50 one swimmer; $75 two swimmers; $95 three or more per family. For more information contact Joe Turi at 216-272-2829 or Laura Musgrave 440-478-4044. 

Parks in Wickliffe

Coulby Park

28730 Ridge Rd.
Outdoor Family Aquatic Center (Wickliffe residents only- pool pass or pay of use fee required)
Nature Trail
1 Class A Ball Field
1 Softball Diamond
2 Shuffle Boards
2 Basketball Courts-Lighted
2 Bocce Courts
4 Tennis Courts-Lighted
Picnic Tables & Grills
Volleyball Court -Lighted
Rose Garden
1 Bandstand
Practice Tennis Wall-Lighted
1 Little League Diamond
4 Horseshoe Courts
Creative Play Area
Senior Citizen Swings
2 Pavilions - reserveable
Playground Equipment
1 Pond-Fishing

Equipment for the horseshoe court, bocce courts, shuffleboard and other equipment to be used at Coulby Park can be obtained by residents. Show utility bill and driver’s license to a park guard at the old concession stand.

Orlando Park

30100 Twin Lakes Dr.
Pavilion - reserveable
Shelter - reservable
2 Tennis Courts-lighted
Combination Soccer/Baseball Field
Basketball Court
Playground Equipment
Senior Citizen Swings
Walking Track (3/10 mile)
Picnic Tables
Water Spray Ground - For Wickliffe residents only & their guests (resident must accompany guest).

Nehls Park

2330 Buena Vista Dr.
1 Small Ball Field
Playground Equipment
Basketball Courts
Picnic Tables & Grills

Levi Lane Park

1950 East 296th. St.
Little League Ball Field
Playground Equipment
Basketball Court-lighted Pavilion
Picnic Tables & Grill

Intihar Park

1065 Lloyd Rd.
Playground Equipment
Little League Ball Field
Picnic Tables & Grills
Basketball Court
Senior Citizen Swing

Featherston Park

1800 Ridgewick Dr.
Small Ball Field
Playground Equipment
Basketball Court
Senior Swings

Jindra Park

901 Talmadge Dr.
Swimming & Wading Pool (Wickliffe residents only- pool pass or pay of use fee required)
4 Ball Fields
U-12 Soccer Field
Basketball Courts
3 Tennis Courts
Walking Track (7/10 mile)
Playground Equipment
Senior Citizen Swings
Pavilion - reserveable

Park Rules

Rules & Regulations at all City Parks

It shall be unlawful for any person to:

  1. Commit any disorderly or immoral act.
  2. Possess any alcoholic beverage or be found in an intoxicated state.
  3. Throw stones, sticks, cans or bottles, play golf or throw or hit any dangerous object.
  4. Deface in any manner, any tree, bench or park structure, including any notice or the rules and regulations governing the parks which have been posted or permanently affixed.
  5. Gamble or play any games of chance for money.
  6. Throw or leave garbage in any place other than in the receptacles provided.
  7. Publicly solicit subscriptions or beg.
  8. Wash, clean or polish any automobile or other vehicle.
  9. Drive or ride a motor scooter, motorcycle, mini-bike, snowmobile or any motor-driven vehicle.
  10. Climb any tree or walk, stand, sit upon any monument, vase, fountain, railing or fence.
  11. Permit any dog(s) or other animals to enter onto the park grounds or run at large.
  12. Post any sign or advertise anything for sale.
  13. Enter a place where a “No Admittance” sign has been posted or hold a picnic or game in an area not designated for that use.
  14. Discharge any firearms or fireworks or ignite or burn any sparkler.
  15. Build any fire except at places provided for that purpose.

Dogs in City Parks

Council has enacted Ordinance 2008-08, amending Chapter 951, Park Regulations, allowing dogs in City parks on walking trails and paths only, not on the grassy areas. Dogs shall be restrained on a leash in such a manner as to be under a person's control at all times. Dogs only will be permitted in the park areas designated as a park walkway, path or sidewalk. No person shall permit any dog to run at large. Parks with walking paths include Jindra, Orlando and Intihar Parks. Dogs are not permitted in open grassy areas, in park pavilions or at the ball fields. Owners are responsible for cleaning up their dogs's droppings in the park. (Ord. 2008-08, 4/14/2008)

Bicycles in Parks

Wickliffe City Council has removed the park rule that banned bicycles from City parks. Bicycles are now allowed in Wickliffe parks, and riders are asked to be courteous to walkers and others enjoying the park on foot.