Roads & Sewers Repair and Maintenance


The City's Road Paving Program occurs with the approval of City Council with recommendations from the City Engineer and Director of Public Service.  The Service Department maintains approximately ninety-eight (98) road miles throughout our city.  There are one hundred thirty-nine (139) streets in Wickliffe, of which forty-one (41) are either cul-de-sacs or dead ends.  Approximately forty (40) miles of City roads are concrete pavement, fifty-five (55) miles are asphalt and the remaining roads are chip and tar. Roads are maintained by either concrete repairs, grinding and hot asphalt repairs, or asphalt cold patch (during winter months). 


Our city streets are serviced by our street sweeper on a regular basis. Sweeping helps clean any debris or litter off our city streets. In addition to keeping our streets clean, it supports our storm water management system by preventing any unwanted items from entering our sewer systems. 


Crack sealing is a method in which hot sealant is applied to cracks to protect the longevity of the pavement. Crack sealing is a cost effective way to preserve out city streets. Sealing prevents water, dirt, rocks and other debris from creating any further damages.  


Potholes are maintained by our crews as needed. To report a pothole, please call our office at 440-943-7125.


To report a dead animal within the right-of-way, please call 440-943-7125. 


Storm Water & Sanitary Sewers

The Wickliffe Service Department is responsible for maintaining the storm and sanitary sewer lines within the City of Wickliffe. 

Our sanitary sewer effluent is processed by the City of Euclid and billed through the City of Wickliffe. 

Wickliffe has approximately one thousand six hundred (1600) catch basins along our roadways.  In 2022 Service employees cleaned approximately one hundred ninety-five (195) catch basins.  The Service Department also repairs and replaces catch basins as needed.

The City of Wickliffe has approximately 248,000 feet of main line sanitary sewers and 264,000 feet of mainline storm sewers which are the responsibility of the Service Department to maintain.  Additionally, the Service Department is responsible for maintenance and repair of the storm and sanitary sewer lateral lines from the main sewer to the edge of the city right-of-way. 

In 2022, the Service Department continued with its program to camera the main storm and sanitary sewers in hopes of finding the worst infiltration areas in the city that cause inflated sewer rates for our residents.  This program will continue, as it is beneficial to both residents and the City.

Point of Sale Sewer Dye Tests as well as Sidewalk and Apron Inspections are another responsibility of the Service Department.   In 2022, there were three hundred and five (305) initial dye tests performed with approximately six hundred (600) total dye tests performed.

The Rockefeller Road Sewage Lift Station is checked twice per week and cleaned monthly.   The control panel, pumps and emergency generator are also maintained, along with grass cutting and site maintenance at this location.

Sewer pipe