City Parks and Pavilions

Wickliffe’s Seven City Parks

NO ice skating permitted on Coulby Pond or the pond located a Green Ridge Golf Course

For a city of four square miles, Wickliffe hosts a spectacular SEVEN CITY PARKS. The parks provide activities for residents of all ages. The City has two swimming pools (at Coulby and Jindra Parks) and a Splash Park (Orlando Park). Three of the parks were re-named after residents who perished in service to our country (Featherston, Intihar and Jindra Parks).  Linked to each park listed below you will find a Map with location for each park, their amenities and a printable “Request for Pavilion Permit”.


2022 reservations will be accepted starting at 12:01am; Tuesday, January 4, 2022.

Due to COVID-19 we did not hold in person reservations at the beginning of 2021.We will continue the online request process for the start of 2022.  We ask Wickliffe residents to submit a request by email. Click on the park below of your choice, then click on the pavilion form for that park. Fill out the form online, save it and then attach it to your request submission via email to [email protected].  Requests will be reviewed in the order that they are received to this email address.  Residency will be verified by Wickliffe address.  Send one alternate pavilion/date in the body of your email so that we can try to accommodate your request in the event that your first request is unavailable.  Any email request received before 12:01am will be moved to the last request of this initial sign up period.  We will respond to your requests as soon as possible.

The Recreation Department can process your payment by phone or in person by credit card, cash or check made out to City of Wickliffe.  A $40 rental fee is required for all pavilion reservations.  Payment secures your reservation.  Use of the Orlando Spray Park combined will require a $50 fee or a per guest fee. Your reservation entitles use of the pavilion for the entire day.  Please check appropriate time designation box on request form. Pavilions are available at Coulby Park (Pond and Pool), Jindra Park, Levi Lane Park and Orlando Park (Main and Shelter).  Rental fee is refundable with a one week notice in writing.  Pavilion usage is on a “first come, first serve” basis in the absence of a confirmed reservation.

Please note that our Summer Camp program uses the Pond Pavilion until 6PM weekdays in June and July.

Click the “Park Name” for a location map and a list of each park’s amenities, in addition those with asterisk*  will have Pavilion Rental Permit Request Form(s) and Pavilion Calendar for available dates: 

Coulby Park*

28730 Ridge Rd.

Orlando Park*

30100 Twin Lakes Dr.

Nehls Park

2330 Buena Vista Dr.

Levi Lane Park*

1950 East 296th. St.

Intihar Park

1065 Lloyd Rd.

Featherston Park

1800 Ridgewick Dr.

Jindra Park*

901 Talmadge Dr.

Rules & Regulations at all City Parks

It shall be unlawful for any person to:

  1. Commit any disorderly or immoral act.
  2. Possess any alcoholic beverage or be found in an intoxicated state.
  3. Throw stones, sticks, cans or bottles, play golf or throw or hit any dangerous object.
  4. Deface in any manner, any tree, bench or park structure, including any notice or the rules and regulations governing the parks which have been posted or permanently affixed.
  5. Gamble or play any games of chance for money.
  6. Throw or leave garbage in any place other than in the receptacles provided.
  7. Publicly solicit subscriptions or beg.
  8. Wash, clean or polish any automobile or other vehicle.
  9. Drive or ride a motor scooter, motorcycle, mini-bike, snowmobile or any motor-driven vehicle.
  10. Climb any tree or walk, stand, sit upon any monument, vase, fountain, railing or fence.
  11. Permit any dog(s) or other animals to enter onto the park grounds or run at large.
  12. Post any sign or advertise anything for sale.
  13. Enter a place where a “No Admittance” sign has been posted or hold a picnic or game in an area not designated for that use.
  14. Discharge any firearms or fireworks or ignite or burn any sparkler.
  15. Build any fire except at places provided for that purpose.
  16. NO ice skating permitted on Coulby or Green Ridge Golf Course pond.

Dogs in City Parks

Council has enacted Ordinance 2008-08, amending Chapter 951, Park Regulations, allowing dogs in City parks on walking trails and paths only, not on the grassy areas. Dogs shall be restrained on a leash in such a manner as to be under a person’s control at all times. Dogs only will be permitted in the park areas designated as a park walkway, path or sidewalk. No person shall permit any dog to run at large. Parks with walking paths include Jindra, Orlando and Intihar Parks. Dogs are not permitted in open grassy areas, in park pavilions or at the ball fields. Owners are responsible for cleaning up their dog’s droppings in the park. (Ord. 2008-08, 4/14/2008)

Bicycles in Parks

Wickliffe City Council has removed the park rule that banned bicycles from City parks. Bicycles are now allowed in Wickliffe parks, and riders are asked to be courteous to walkers and others enjoying the park on foot.