Recycling Services

Wickliffe Residents “Shred your Files Event”: TBA (typically one early Spring and one early Fall date)


Curbside Recycling Program
KIMBLE Services

Recyclables are to be placed in the 65-gallon bright green recycling cart supplied by KIMBLE. Recyclables are collected weekly on the same day as your scheduled trash collection. All recyclables may be commingled in the recycling cart without having to separate the paper & cardboard from the other plastic, glass or metal recyclables. Kimble has updated guide of acceptable recyclables. Kimble Recycle: Kimble Easy-Recycling-Guide-2020

KIMBLE containers are the property of KIMBLE services. Residents must subscribe to the cart or bag service provided by KIMBLE, which includes recycling and yard waste collection. Call KIMBLE at (800) 201-0005 with service questions. Residents must leave container if they move from their residence and should not give the trash container away.


Lake County have several special recycling collections throughout the year. These special collections allow you to properly dispose of items like batteries and other hazardous household waste items. Specific recycling and waste collection questions please contact (440)350-2645. Recycling drop off location will be the Lake County Fair grounds entrance at Mentor Avenue/RT. 20. Collection Dates all 9am until 12 noon:

Used Household Batteries

Residents are encouraged to take their household batteries to the Lake County Household Hazardous Waste Collections (HHW), held twice a year at the Lake County Fairgrounds.

Bulldog Battery- 37645 Vine St. in Willoughby. No charge for drop off, small quantities only, i.e. coffee can or baggie, (fee may be charged for large amounts) Questions please contact (440) 942-2555,

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