Service Department

Service Department hours:  Monday – Friday, 7:00 a.m. – Noon and 1:00 -3:30 p.m.
Offices located at 30020 Lakeland Blvd. (next to Stanley Steemer)

Ron Strauser  – Wickliffe Director of Public Service
Bob Snyder– Assistant Director of Public Service
Loretta Dakes – Service Department Administrator
Phone: (440) 943-7125  (Kimble Services: 800-201-0005)

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It is that time of year when you are either getting children to school or going to work you notice that a streetlight in your neighborhood is out.  If you like, note the address and send information by email to [email protected] or phone 440-943-7125 (leave message anytime of the day, even during the weekend). We will get your information to the Illuminating Company.

This time of the year we start a streetlight survey from one end of the city to the other. Due to manpower shortage, repairs may not be immediate.  Any help reporting outages in the meantime will be appreciated.


Trash collection schedule for garbage pick-up on your street: KIMBLE SCHEDULE

When to Place Trash Containers on the Curb: Per City Ordinance, all garbage, rubbish and trash containers shall be placed on the curb at the tree lawn no sooner than 4:30 p.m. on the day prior to the scheduled garbage, rubbish and trash collection and removed not later than 9:00 p.m. on the day of such collection.


Holiday Delays: Collection of solid waste is delayed one day when the following holidays fall on a regularly scheduled pickup day: New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day

KIMBLE Trash Containers

KIMBLE trash containers are the property of KIMBLE services.  If residents choose not to use them, they should contact KIMBLE at 800-201-0005 for pick up of the container. All Wickliffe residents must subscribe to either the garbage cart or bag service offered by KIMBLE. Bags other than those issued by KIMBLE for the bag-only service will not be collected. On the occasion you cannot fit household rubbish in your cart, place excess rubbish in separate containers or rubbish bags for collection on your regular scheduled collection day. Overflow bags used in addition to the trash cart will be collected as part of the cart collection service. Items not collected include automotive parts, or construction materials generated by contractors performing work on homes.

Residents must leave container if they move from their residence and should not give the trash container away.

KIMBLE Yard Waste Containers – As of March 2022 Kimble is picking up yard waste!

Yard waste must be placed in 65-gallon dark green yard waste containers supplied by KIMBLE. Excess yard waste material may be placed in 50-lb. biodegradable paper yard waste bags or in your current yellow yard waste container. Black plastic bags or regular trash containers will not be picked up.

All tree limbs, shrub cuttings and wood must be cut into lengths not to exceed four (4) feet and tied in bundles with cotton cord (not nylon twine) so that they can be easily handled by one person. Note: Grocery bags are not acceptable containers for yard waste. 

Yard waste collection is suspended for the month of February and resumes the first Monday in March.

Use of the 65-gallon KIMBLE yard waste carts is required for yard waste collection. Excess yard waste material may be placed in 50-lb. biodegradable paper yard waste bags.

City Curbside Leaf Pickup
Use Kimble yard waste bins for small piles of leaves and debris as we will not pick up small piles during the curbside leaf pickup time.  

KIMBLE Recycling

Residents should use the 65-gallon bright green recycling cart supplied by KIMBLE for curbside recycling.

Kimble has updated its list of acceptable recyclables.  Only plastic bottles and jugs are to be recycled.  No other plastics are to be recycled, even though they have a recycle symbol on them.  Please view the following list from Kimble for acceptable items for recycling.

Kimble Recycling Guide

Plastics #1 – #2 bottles & jugs only Styrofoam
 Newspaper & magazines  Paint cans
 Telephone books  Wax cartons
 Mail/copier paper  Batteries
 Shredded paper (in bags)  Light bulbs
 Corrugated cardboard  Wire hangers
 Chipped board (cereal boxes)  Plastic bags and shrink wrap
 Aluminum cans, foil, trays  Plastic utensils
 Clear, green or brown glass bottles Motor oil and antifreeze containers
EMPTY aerosol cans Toys
Steel & bimetal cans  

LARGE ITEMS for Rubbish Removal

Large items such as refrigerators, freezers, washers, dryers, hot water tanks, furniture, etc. will be picked up on regularly scheduled pickup days.

Be sure to remove refrigerator and freezer doors and any other locking appliance doors. Freon must be removed from refrigerators, freezers and other appliances that may contain freon. Contact a local plumbing service to assist with the certified removal of the freon gas. The appliance will then be tagged for removal by the technician. KIMBLE will only pick up appliances after they have been tagged by the technician that the freon has been removed.

Kimble requires that residents tape an X across glass windows, glass mirrors, patio doors etc. in duct tape to help prevent the glass from shattering during trash collection.  Your consideration is appreciated!


Due to emergence of bedbugs throughout all areas of Ohio, upholstered furniture, mattresses, box springs and rolled up carpet must be wrapped in plastic and tightly taped with duct tape. If not prepared as indicated, the items will be left at the curb. If tagged for non-compliance, and after wrapping the item as directed, residents may then call Kimble at 800-201-0005 to schedule a pickup.