Wickliffe Cemetery

Our History Remembered

The Wickliffe Cemetery, established circa 1808, is the final resting place of Wickliffe’s early settlers, Civil War soldiers and notable residents. The cemetery consists of 184 known graves. Headstones are engraved with the names of Wickliffe’s first-known settlers, William and Clarissa Clarke Jones, and the family of Colonel Abner C. Tarbell. Grave sites of Civil War veterans can be found on the north slope. Other notable family names include Arnold, Fuller, Grave, Lloyd, Taylor, Hardaker, King, Strong and Rush.

Cemetery Information


Wickliffe Cemetery is located at 28855 Euclid Avenue. Parking is available behind Provo House. The handicapped entrance is located at 28833 Euclid Avenue.

Cemetery is open all year from dawn to dusk.

Columbarium Niches

In 2008, the Wickliffe Cemetery was reopened for columbarium inurnments of cremated remains. There are two columbariums at the cemetery. Each is a beautiful stone structure that holds 48 niches, 24 on each side. There are stone benches placed on each side of the columbarium, so that mourners can rest as they remember their departed loved one.
Niche sizes are 11 ¼” x 11 ¼” x 11 ¼” and accommodate one urn per niche.

The niche price for Wickliffe residents is $725, which includes the $500 niche cost, $150 perpetual care fee and $75 filing fee. Non-resident pricing is $1175, which includes the $950 niche cost, $150 perpetual care fee and $75 filing fee. There are additional fees for inurnment, engraving of niche, disurnment and deed transfers. See attached forms for pricing and purchase procedures.

To schedule an appointment to view the columbarium and purchase a niche or to have information mailed to you, please contact  (440) 943-7100.