Open Burning

Outdoor FireplaceThe only fire allowed in the City of Wickliffe without a permit must be within an approved outdoor fireplace only, and Wickliffe Codified Ordinance 1521 must be adhered to.

The Ohio Fire Code defines "Outdoor Fireplace" as:

A commercially produced chamber, enclosure, or screened enclosure, portable in design, for the purpose of containing a recreational fire of two feet or less in diameter and two feet or less in height for pleasure, religious, ceremonial, cooking, warmth, or similar purposes. The products of combustion will either pass through a chimney prior to being emitted into the air or the chamber will be of screened enclosure with a lid covering the screened area of combustion.

1521.06 Outdoor Fireplaces

Recreational fires in approved outdoor fireplaces as defined within the structure of this ordinance are permitted in accordance with the following provisions:

(a) Fires in approved outdoor fireplaces as defined within this ordinance shall be not less than (20) twenty feet from a structure.

(b) The fuel will be at least one inch in diameter and shall be seasoned dry wood, not of lumber milled, and will not be longer than eighteen inches in length. Yard waste, newspaper, rubbish, brush, leaves, lumber, ground cover, construction materials, or other fuel not intended for use within the fireplace will be prohibited from use.

(c) The fire must be entirely contained within the outdoor fireplace.

(d) The fire must be constantly attended until the fire is extinguished.

(e) Outdoor fireplace use that produces smoke or odor emissions that are objectionable in nature due to proximity of structures, dwellings, or atmospheric conditions, or local circumstances make such fires hazardous shall be prohibited. The fire official is authorized to order the extinguishment by the person(s) responsible for the use of the outdoor fireplace upon finding these conditions.

(f) A portable fire extinguisher with a minimum of a 4-A rating or other on site approved fire extinguishing equipment such as dirt, sand, water barrel, or garden hose shall be available for immediate utilization.

(g) When, in the opinion of the fire official, a hazard exists due to the use of the fireplace that is not specifically defined within this ordinance, the fire official, using good sound judgment and in consideration of the conditions that could present a hazard due to the use of the fireplace, shall have the authority to have the fire extinguished.

1521.99 Penalty

Whoever violates any provision of this chapter is guilty of a misdemeanor of the third degree and shall be fined not more than five hundred dollars ($500) or imprisoned not more than sixty days, or both.

Get a Permit

All other open burning (including bonfires) require a permit obtainable through The Lake County General Health District (LCGHD). Inquiries may be directed to the Wickliffe Fire Prevention Bureau at 440-943-7141.