Development Incentive Programs

Community Reinvestment Area

The entire City of Wickliffe is recognized by the State of Ohio, Department of Development as being a Community Re-investment Area.

The City of Wickliffe received a Community Reinvestment Area (CRA) certificate from the State of Ohio on June 11, 2019 that designated the entire city as a Community Reinvestment Area. This economic development tool is used to encourage revitalization of both residential and business existing building stock and the development of new structures throughout the city by providing tax abatement incentives. Any property owner, residential or commercial, meeting the requirements of the CRA program may apply.

Below is an application and an informational sheet for both Commercial and Residential CRA Applications.  Please read through the informational sheet as it outlines the steps to follow for the application process.  

Contact City Hall at 440-943-7105 for further assistance.

Commercial CRA Program

For all Commercial CRAs, a written agreement between the City of Wickliffe and applicant must be approved prior to any construction occurring on the development project.

The CRA Agreement will outline the percentage and number of years for which the tax abatement is approved.

The City of Wickliffe will negotiate the terms on a case-by-case basis.

Commercial CRA info sheet

Commercial CRA Application

Residential CRA Program

Any residential property within the City of Wickliffe is eligible to apply for a CRA.

For the purposes of the Wickliffe CRA, structures exclusively used for residential purposes and composed of four or fewer units shall be classified as residential structures.

Residential CRA Information Sheet

Residential CRA Application

CRA Map of Wickliffe

Click here to view the CRA Map of Wickliffe.

The entire City of Wickliffe is considered a Community Reinvestment Area.