Vacation House Watch

If you are interested in having your house checked while you are on vacation, for a death in the family, transfer of ownership, etc., please fill out the House Check Form (PDF), print it and return it to the police station.

It is the policy of the Wickliffe Police Department to conduct "House Checks" of unoccupied homes in the City upon request of the owner to protect and minimize thefts and burglaries and to identify any unusual occurrences.

The House Check will end on the date requested or a maximum of three months, unless the owner calls to extend the watch at the end of the three months.

The officer is expected to check the houses listed during dayshift, if time and other details permit.

If anything unusual is detected by the inspecting officer, the dispatcher is notified and the dispatcher will then advise the contact person listed on the house check form. A cad entry will be generated by the dispatcher and the officer will, if necessary, make the proper report.

The house check will be cancelled on return of the owner, request for removal, or after three months.

The House Check form indicating dates and condition of the house is filed at the police department and retained for 1 year.